Business Insurance

We will work with you to analyze your company’s insurance needs and design a comprehensive package that will best manage your company’s risk exposure. Our complete suite of business insurance solution will take care of your properties, your liabilities and even your directors.

Our business insurance solutions include Fire / Property All Risks Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Contractor All Risk Insurance, Director’s and Officer’s Liability Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance and even other specialized insurance which your business may need.

And if you are a SME, we have special solutions tailored to meet the needs of SMEs, providing your business with optimal insurance coverage cost-effectively.

Contact us now for a complimentary consultation or review of your existing insurance coverage.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Your company vehicles are plying the roads of Singapore and you are looking for a cost-effective insurance to cover the vehicles. Look no further! We have a range of commercial motor insurance products and services that will cater to your needs.


Fire / Property All Risks Insurance

Certain risks e.g. fire and theft cannot be prevented but we can at least work towards protecting our loss in the event that such misfortune befalls to minimize our loss. A Fire and All Risk Insurance will protect your loss in the event of fire, theft and other risks to which your office premise may be exposed.


Public Liability Insurance

Do you know that your company will be held liable in the event that a third party claim arises due to your company’s fault or that of your employees and for which your company is held legally liable? Public Liability insurance will be able to protect your company’s risk exposure in this situation.


Contractor All Risks Insurance

As a building contractor, you would need to protect your investments against loss or damage to the work in progress or materials purchased for the purpose of incorporating into the project. You would also need to protect your liability against third party claims arising from the construction activities of the works. Have you the right insurance in place for these? The Contractor All Risks insurance policies are specially designed to cater to these needs.


SME Business Insurance

As a SME owner, we understand the needs of fellow SME owners. Our SME business insurance solutions are designed with SMEs in mind to provide SMEs with extensive insurance coverage in the most cost-efficient way. What’s more, our trade and industry specific SMEs solutions provide you with protection that matters most to your industry / trade, giving you total peace of mind.


Directors’ & Officers’ (D&O) Liability Insurance

Have you ever considered a D&O Liability Insurance for your company? Do you know that a D&O Liability Insurance can protect you as a director of the company and your company should there be claims made against yourself or your company for negligence, default, breach of duty in relation to your company?

The D&O Insurance is designed to indemnify the company for the amount that it becomes legally bound to pay for claims made against the company for wrongful acts committed during the period of insurance. There are 2 sections to a D&O Insurance policy:

  • D&O Cover which indemnifies the individual director against liability arising from any negligence, default, breach of duty or trust in relation to the company;
  • Company Reimbursement Cover which indemnifies the company against the claim payments and defense costs which it is legally obligated and permitted to reimburse its directors or officers for any claims made against them arising out of their wrongful acts


Marine Cargo Insurance

The movement of cargo, be it within Singapore or across international borders is an integral part of business. Goods in transit are constantly exposed to risks of loss or damage during the journey and the financial consequences could seriously affect your business. Marine Cargo insurance is designed to help your business mitigate your risks exposure in this area so that your goods are protected while on the go.


In addition to the above, we can also help you with your product liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, just to name a few. We are just a call away to take care of all your insurance needs.

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